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Saved by Grace

After being fired from her job, Grace Hightower applies for a position to work at the local church. Full of insecurity and self-doubt, her faith is tested when the church unexpectedly goes into foreclosure, forcing herself to find the courage to save it. 

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Laughter is truly the best medicine...let's film it!

The only thing better than a good laugh is laughing until it hurts. It’s like doing crunches in your chair. Nancy Bellany from BET’s Comic View and NBC’s Last Comic Standing throws shade and works out your belly with laugh-crunching curls. Born and raised in New York City, Nancy was always making people laugh and decided at an early age that she would be an entertainer. After a few years in Atlanta, honing her skills as a comedian, Nancy moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue her lifelong dream of having her own television show. Nancy admires the careers and comedic talents of Dave Chapelle, Amy Schumer, and Jerry Seinfeld. Nancy currently produces full length feature films and hosts live comedy shows at various comedy clubs throughout Los Angeles.

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